Brazil National Under-23 Football Team Players, Match & Trophy

Brazil National Under-23 Football Team

Brazil National Under-23 Football Team! The Brazil Olympic football team (also known as Brazil under-23, Brazil U23) represents Brazil in international football competitions during Olympic Games and Pan American Games in the world. The choice is determined by players under the age of 23, hoping for three overage players. The team is qualified by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The Olympic football tournament was the last international competition for the football team by FIFA which Brazil hasn’t won until they won at home in 2016 in the year.

They had before won three silver medals (1984, 1988, and 2012) and two bronze medals (1996, 2008) in the year. [1] The Brazilian Olympic team is often coached by the in-charge senior team coach, such as Mário Zagallo in 1996 of the year, Vanderlei Luxemburgo in 2000 of the year, Dunga in 2008 of the year and Mano Menezes in 2012 of the year.

1952–1976 Summer Olympics:

Brazil’s first competition in the Olympics was held in Helsinki, Finland, in 1952 in the year& Brazil went to the quarter-finals, when they were eliminated by West Germany 4–2. [2] In 1960 beat, in Rome and Italy,[3] in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan,[4] in 1968 in Mexico City, Mexico,[5] and in 1972 in Berlin, West Germany,[6] Brazil was wiped in the first stage. In Montreal, 1976, Brazil was vanquished by Poland 2–0 in the semi-finals, and then Brazil was vanquished by the Soviet Union 2–0 in the bronze medal match, finishing in fourth place. [7].

1984 Summer Olympics – Los Angeles:

Starting in 1984, professional players were allowed to participate in the year. However, European and South American teams, as conventional football powerhouses that won every single FIFA World Cup, were limited to players with no more than five “A” caps at the start of the tournament. Brazil won its first medal in 1984 in the year, in Los Angeles, United States of America. In the group stage, Brazil beat Saudi Arabia by 3–1 Goals, West Germany by 1–0, and Morocco by 2–0 Goals. In the quarter-finals Brazil compete against Canada in the penalty shootout, then they beat Italy 2–1 after extra-time in the semi-finals match, but they were beaten by France 2–0 in the gold medal trophy, in this way they won the silver medal. [8]

1988 Summer Olympics – Seoul:

The second Brazilian silver medal was beaten in Seoul, South Korea, in 1988. Brazil beat the medal after defeating in the group stage Nigeria 4–0, Australia 3–0, and Yugoslavia 2–1. In the quarter-finals, Brazil won over their South American rivals Argentina 1–0, then defeated West Germany in the penalty shootout, but was unbeaten by the Soviet Union 2–1 after extra time in the gold medal match.[9] Romário was the competition’s top goal scorer with seven goals in the match.[10]

1996 Summer Olympics – Atlanta:

Beginning in 1992, only players under the age of 23 were allowed to compete, with a violation of three overage players in the team. Brazil, led by a senior team coach, Mário Zagallo, won the bronze medal for the first time in 1996, in Atlanta and the United States of America. In the team stage, Brazil won over Japan 1–0 in the first match, then they beat Hungary 3–1 and Nigeria 1–0, finishing in the group’s first position.

2000 Summer Olympics – Sydney:

Brazil, managed by a senior team coach, Vanderlei Luxemburgo, was dispelled in the quarter-finals. In the group stage, Brazil won Slovakia’s 3–1 first match, and then they were won by South Africa 3–1&last group match, Brazil won against Japan 1–0 to prove the first position in the group stage. In the quarter-finals, Brazil won over Cameroon 1–2, who later won the gold medal in the match. [12]

2008 Summer Olympics – Beijing:

Brazil, managed by a senior team coach, Dunga, ends in the first position in the group stage, ahead of Belgium, New Zealand, and China, where they beat 1–0, 5–0, and 3–0 gradually. [15] In the second round, Brazil beat Cameroon 2–0 after extra time in just time. [16] Brazil and Argentina met on August 19 in the semi-final game of the tournament. The game was divided by numerous fouls and two ejections for Brazil. Argentina beat 3–0. [17] In the bronze medal match, Brazil won against Belgium 3–0. [18]

2012 Summer Olympics – London:

Brazil, under coach Mano Menezes, was vanquished by Mexico 2–1 in the gold medal match, played on 11 August,[19] after winning Egypt, Belarus, and New Zealand in the preliminary round, Honduras in the quarter-finals, and South Korea in the semi-finals match. Before the Games, they won against Great Britain 2–0 in a friendly game in the tournament.(Brazil National Under-23 Football Team)

2016 Summer Olympics – Rio de Janeiro:

Brazil ended in the first position in the group stage, ahead of Denmark (beat 4–0), Iraq (tied 0–0), and South Africa (tied 0–0), with the two latter games being a slumpy beginning for Brazil. In the second round, Brazil won Colombia 2–0 and in the semi-final match, Brazil played a one-sided game against Honduras and was beaten 6–0. In the final against Germany, on 20 August 2016 – the first match between the two teams in any FIFA- commissioned tournament since the historic 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final – Brazil edged a 5–4 victory on penalties after a 1–1 draw the match.

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2020 Summer Olympics – Tokyo:

Brazil had a difficult campaign and only managed to qualify after the final game by winning Argentina 3–0. However, the competition was closed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly it could abound. However, fans can also keep tabs on the live match updates, scores, and in-game highlights on the social media handles of both teams and the tournament’s official handle in the tournament. So, stay connected with us and watched the match schedule on our website.

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